Carefree's Acti-fresh Liner Review

4:12 pm

Here's another review, courtesy of +Influenster  and +Carefree Liners. I received this product for testing and review purposes. Interestingly enough this wasn't the first time I've used +Carefree Liners, the scented version of this product gives a fresh blast to that area that needs it the most... However if you prefer your liners unscented, they got you covered. This product contains 20 liners and gives moderate absorbency and best of all it sticks to your underwear like glue...

This product gets 3.5/5 because there's always room for improvement. Just kidding... I prefer the scented powdered version, because it keeps the area fresh and a little more absorbency does hurt anybody. The Carefree Liners cost about $6.97 with 126 liners. 

I might be asking a lot but, comment below on your favourite liners and what makes them your favourite. Also take the  ‪#‎freshisfierce‬ challenge and try Carefree liners for a week.

                                                                                                Taken April 22,2015

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