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This company has virtually minimize the distance of the United States by allowing Jamaicans to shop online, while they do the hard work of shipping it to Kingston, Jamaica. Globalization has brought us the ability to use our local credit cards online which is great, it has also encouraged large retailers such as Macy's, Forever21 and Target to offer international shipping which means Jamaicans like other foreign nationals can ship directly from the online retailer to your home or office. However this isn't always feasible because shipping directly from these retailer essentially means paying upwards of $30 for shipping alone. Now, that's credulous, since your automatically charged 100% of your total purchase by customs, when the item (this depends on the item) is $50 or over. With this in mind Shipme has become an essential part of shopping online for  many Jamaicans. 

If  your unfamiliar with Shipme, following these instructions might help 
  • Create a free shipme account
  • After creating your account you'll receive a mailbox number  
  • Use the mail box number on the upper right hand corner as your shipping address
  • After you've placed your order set a pre-alert by clicking the orange triangle, then upload your invoice 
  •  It takes approximately five days for your item to arrive
  • When you receive the ready for pickup email from shipme you'll need your mail box number handy before receiving your item.
Additional info: 
  • You can add others to your account, they will be able to pick up items on your behalf by going into my account- authorize pickup list-create authorize pickup user
  • Remember to use the shipping calculator located on the dashboard before making any purchases 
  • Keep all purchases below $45, otherwise you will be charged twice the amount of your item for customs and duty 
  • Take an id and your mailbox number when picking up 
NB: The views above represents my own personal experiences, yours may differ 

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