High End Vs. Low End "Why spend 50' When you can save it"

7:04 am

While I do not own any of the items above this post is just a guide to #stylingonabudget. 
Why send $50k when you can save it... and spend a $100 (or a little over). The relate is most of us can not afford one Cartier bracelet much less a Birkin bag. However you can still be fabulous on a dime.  Thanks to me =)

High End 
Balmain white blazer jacket
$1,770 - net-a-porter.com

Hermès gold purse

$15,270 - selfridges.com

Low End 
River Island slim jacket
$79 - riverisland.com

River Island brown tote bag
$65 - riverisland.com

River Island gold jewellery

NB: Some of the items mentioned above may not be available on the websites. However you can search on google by using the item names. 

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