Princess P Jewelry Review

5:55 am

Owned by QueenPee, Princess P Jewelry is an online retailer store for sterling sliver jewellery. Her pieces ranging from earrings, extravagant necklaces to cartier inspired bracelets. 

In the name of #stylingonabudget I decided to purchase 2 piece with a coupon code I saw on Queenpee's instagram. To my advantage there was already a sale on the earring (regular price $32, I paid $14.99) and bracelet (regular price $24.99, I paid $15.99) I wanted to try. Because I was using a courier service to deliver the items I contacted the company to ensure that all the items purchased would be shipped in the same order, I also contacted them about the coupon used and asked if I would be getting the free items affiliate with the coupon (they replied YES), (I used the coupon 2016 which gave me a 20% discount, a free removal tattoo, an invite to a private sale and a necklace "which I did not receive"). 

A few days past and I realized that only the shipping label was created and the item was not shipped, I again reached out to them asking why my order was not shipped after 3 days (she replied they were filling back orders). I can total understand that however it should have been said on the website or while they replied to my first email. It took approximately 5 days for the order to be shipped, when I finally received the package the promised necklace which I really want was not in the package. Needless to say I was disappointed I emailed them again,only to get a response 3 days later saying the necklace would be shipped out last week, the item has not been shipped yet (I will give further updates in the comment section). 

Despite the hiccups the items I received were pretty good. Not sure if I would purchase again though. However if your interested in purchasing and forming your own opinion you can try theses affiliate coupon codes which should give you up to 30% off 2016, IGcomeback, Snap or Carlixoxo.

Leave a comment below, on your favorite Jewelry retailer or share your experience with an online retailer.  

NB: Coupons and links are subject to change without notice.

Photos Taken on the 21/01/2015
Princess P Jewelry 732 Earrings 

Princess P Jewelry Twopoc bracelet 

Princess P Jewelry Box
Both items from Princess P Jewelry 

Princess P Comparison to Forever21 earring

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