ALL about Monthly Subscription Services

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For those of us who hate monthly commitment's, this post might, change your mind. We've all heard or seen commercials or ads for monthly subscriptions and they all claim to be different. But are they? Essentially No!!! But here's three steps will help you gain the best  subscription experience.

  • Reading the fine print- Companies usually have hidden agendas, rapped around legalities in the fine print, they do this because it makes it harder for you to read and comprehend. However you should read no matter how long and boring the contract may seem. 
  •  Skipping- If your planning to skip a month because your not interested in what's being offered or you simply can't spear $39.95 (which is usually the standard cost, however it might be less or more) every month, ensure that you cancel before the 5th of the month (the 4th is better). If not your account will be charged, even though you have not selected an item for purchase. 
  • Cancelling- Always cancel at least three weeks before you no longer require the services of any company. Unfortunately international customers will have to call a U.S number to do so, in most cases.
My favourite monthly subscription companies are Shoe Dazzle because there's always a sale, Adore Me because you get a free pair of lingerie after buying five and finally Wantable because you never receive anything you don't want. 

NB Links are subject to change without notice, the information above are based on my own experience   

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