Princess P vs. Forever21

11:09 am

Forever 21 is well known for the latest trends, especially if you're on a budget. Because of this I was so excited when my late night exertions lead me to these earrings which reminded me of the one's I bought from Princess P jewelry a few months ago. 

For the purposes of  comparing them both, I purchased the forever21 earring last Saturday for only $5.90, which was a fraction of the cost of the earrings from Princess P  which I got for $15 (sale price). At face value both earrings look very similar in design aesthetic. But we'll see when the forever21 earrings are in my hands (its currently being shipped). 

I'll update in the comments section when I receive the Forever21 earring. 


Update 31/03/2016 

So the verdict is in and both earrings are very similar. It seems that they might have been made by the same manufactures. However there is a major size difference between both earrings, as you can see in the images below the Forever21 earring is a bit bigger than the earring from Princess P Jewelry.

 If, your on a #stylingonabudget purchase the Forever21 earring and save your coins!!!

Forever21 top half, Princess P earring bottom half 

Forever21 earring is on the left while Princess P earring is on the right

...Also see Princess P jewelry review

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