8 Tips for a Flawless Foundation Routine

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Wearing flawless makeup isn't as easy as these youtubers make it seem, it takes work and a hell of a lot of practice to make all the products used blend seamlessly. Eyeshadows, lipstick, blush, contour powder, highlighters, eyebrow pencils and every other cosmetic product that we used are all wonderful additives, ONLY if there's a good foundation (pun intended). Fortunately I got you cover, so here's 8 amazing tips to a flawless foundation routine:

  1. Always start with a clean face, this tip sounds like a no brainier right? But how many times have you placed powder on your dirty face throughout the day. 
  2. Always moisturize- moisturizing should not be taken lightly, its the next best thing after a clean face. It restores moisture and prevents your face from drying out, if you have oil skin get a moisturizers that is best for your skin type. 
  3. Primers- nothing beats a good glycerin based primer which should be bought not for price but based on  your current skin needs. For example if your prone to oily skin, use a Primer that mattifies like wise if you have dry skin use a  primer that illuminates.
  4. Colour Correcting has become a new and necessary trend to some, if you're going to colour correct ensure your using the right colour correctors for the right reason. Green correctors should be used to  reduces redness, while orange or peach correctors should be used to counteract discolouration and dark spots.
  5. Matching foundation- another no brainier that some of us neglect, should be the first concern when buying a foundation, it simply is matching it to your skin tone, the second concern should be based on your skin type as well as durability throughout the day and finally you should also be concerned with whether or not the foundation gives full, medium or light coverage. This will depend on the flaws on your face you'd like to cover/hide. This step is so important, I'm going to repeat it, it doesn't matter whether your using a highend or drug store product you must ensure that you have the correct foundation match/shade for your skin tone.
  6. Tools are another important part of any makeup routine, without a good brush or sponge  your makeup may take a lot longer to blend... and nobody has time for that!
  7. Setting your foundation with powder, is the next step to a beautiful finished product. Again this should be based on your current skin needs and it should also match your skin tone for both contour and highlight, it should not too dark and or too light.
  8. Setting sprays can also be used for maximum hold and longevity after you've applied the other additives (you can skip this step). However if your going to be out all day you should probably make this step a key ingredient in your current routine. 
The most important step of all is remembering to remove your makeup before going to bed. 

If you have no idea how to apply your makeup, here's a playlist of some of my favourite foundation routines. Enjoy!!!

Favourite Beauty Products for a flawless routine
Drug Store
High End


Color Correctors 




Color Correctors 
Sephora Color Correctors


Image of broken makeup taken from google.com

My face after using these tips

My beatface 
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