Marc Jacobs Beauty, Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick Review

2:13 pm

Thank God, for +Sephora's freebies, because if it were not for them (Beauty Insider-Birthday gift) I would not have been able to try this awesome lipstick, form the one and only +Marc Jacobs.  Because lets, be real it cost too damn much! Thirty Dollars, is way too much money to spend on a lipstick, but if you’re in the mood to spurge on a wonderful product (despite the cost), by all means try the colour Kiss Kiss Bang Bang when your purchasing.

But, before you do, here’s a list of my pro’s and con’s to keep you fully informed;

  •            There are 25 shades, to choose from
  •            The pigment is just absolutely amazing
  •             The colour is fit for most, if not all skin tones       
  •       Its moisturizing
  •           The lipstick is unscented
  •            It has the sleekest design
  •           The product spins up, like a dream

  •            It’s a $30 dollar lipstick, but not to worry E.L.F cosmetics (Sociable) has a dupe
  •      You may need a lip liner if you’re a darker skin tone and the Marc Jacobs Brand lip liner cost $24
  •            It not smudge proof
  •            It transfers easily, which means you’ll be reapplying all day!!!

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