3 Reasons why you should never buy Makeup from Ebay

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My motto in life and the premise of this blog is to “Never pay full price for anything.” So believe me when I tell you that saving some coins, in this instance might be detrimental to your health and bankbook when buying discount cosmetics. Don’t get me wrong going to Rite Aid or Target and getting cosmetics half off is total fine. The difference with that and buying cosmetics from a random person on Ebay is security, if you don’t believe me read these three tips or do a quick google search and read the horror stories.

 Getting Fakes- is probably the most verbalized issue on Ebay and the internet in general, being scammed by someone who promises a few dollars off clearly isn’t worth it, when the product their selling may contain unsafe levels of arsenic, lead, copper and bacteria. That can cause allergic reactions, causing you to spend more money in the long run. Save yourself the trouble and purchase your high-end cosmetics from established trust worthy retailers.

 Being Scammed- scammers are everywhere these days and Ebay even with trying to protect customers cannot help everyone, so we have to help ourselves. Can you imagine paying $100 for a product and getting nothing in return or trying to open a dispute and the seller has disappeared? Which means you just wasted your money. To prevent this buy from sellers with a high rating and read the feedback from people who purchased before you.

 Dumpster Drivers- are fastly creating a niche for themselves on Ebay because they offer authentic products for less. However as the name suggest this retailers get there mechanize directly from the dumpster of authentic retailers. Which potentially poses a health threat to you the customer who had no idea that this was where your gorgeous new makeup came from, frankly stores throughout makeup because of sanitary reasons or the product has expired. When you buy makeup from these people you have no way of knowing this, and I’m sure if you knew you would think twice about purchasing.

Well guys, I hope these tips help on your next cosmetic purchase, these tips are not only for Ebay but any site that offers second party mechanize. Remember to trust your
instincts and always pay via paypal because if something happens you can always get your money back.

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