***Guest Post*** Birch Box Review and Unboxing

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Here I was, one day on my computer doing a bunch of activities on Swag Bucks (online affiliate rewards programme) to earn some Swag points which could get me a $25 Visa Gift Card if I had enough points. On one of the days when I was going hard, one of the activities,  to earn 500 Swag points was to Sign up for a personalized sample box (Birch Box.) At only $10 a month, I thought "why not" after all, it was only $10.  I was this close to making 5000 Swag Bucks (2 gift cards on the horizon). So I signed up and I totally forgot about it until receiving the box in my mail. When I opened it, I stood for 5 minutes scrutinising the contents of the box. They seemed so tine, but then I reminded myself that this is why they are called "samples." 

In every month's box you'll receive 5 samples, all you have to do is signup on Birch Box's website. It's quick and easy. There are personalised questions to customise the box to your specific needs (skin tone, hair texture etc.) With an additional bonus of a full sized item in your first box. (Which in my case was the eyeshadow palette valued at $30). 

May and June Birch Box Combined

In the first box (May), I recieved 

1. Beauty Protector Leave - In Conditioner
4. MD Solar Sciences Mineral Moisture Defense (SPF)
5. A hand lotion (forgot the name) which I really like
6.  Pixel by Petra eye shadow palette

In the second Box (June), I received
1. Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow *(TOO light for my skin though, but I've solved that by mixing it with a deep shaded BB Cream)
5. The Healthy SUN Screen Sport Luxe face & body cream

How the Birch Box Comes
So far I can honestly say I like the products I received. They are worth the subscription fee. 

If you are #StylingonaBudget, I think subscribing to a subscription box is a good way because you can use the samples, see what works for you and decide if you would want to get the full size version instead of buying the full sized item then not liking it.

Final look at both Boxes

Guest Post By:  Dacia Thompson 

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