Is makeup, making you bankrupt???

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Like some makeup enthusiast, my makeup journey and fascination began at a young age, looking through old magazines. At that time I had no idea what was called highlighting or contouring (but that surely, did not prevent me from doing it). I literally started from the bottom with no name cosmetic items, to drug store products and now trying my hand at the highend world here and there.

Image featuring NARS, Chanel, NYX  and MAC cosmetics sourced from google

Now to the question of is makeup making you bankrupt. The simple true is YES, but i'm sure you already knew that,  didn't you? 

Simply add up how much you've spent on irrelevant (items you already own but bought another just because) highend or drug store and see the damage you've done. 

Makeup companies regardless of being highend or not entices makeup enthusiast into buying there items by constantly promoting new products that has elaborate claims like, "growing your lashes to infinity and beyond" or "foundations containing anti-ageing properties" (which the product might have but only in small amounts, in other words the product will have no real  effect in the long run) 

Photo with highlighters sourced from google 

Don't get me wrong it is very important for companies to create new and innovate products that are beyond our imaginations. However these products are drastically overpriced, although I must admit that some of the products work beautifully. At the end of the day we should be accountable to ourselves and remember that we DO NOT NEED the latest makeup form any company. Especially if you have something similar, however if you must spurge try an item you've never used before.  

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