TESTING DIY Charcoal peel off mask

4:47 pm

This pinterest trend found its way to the big screen and by that I mean youtube (lol) a few months ago, and if you know me I love giving my opinion on beauty trends so I had to try it first hand.

Want to try it, here's the ingredients
  • Elmer's Glue 
  • Actived Charcoal  or Charcoal pills 
Peel off mask in general are fun, until its time to peel off, the mask was the hardest thing to remove and I can assure you there was no peach fuss on my face after i was done, in fact my face was as soft as a babies ass. However the mask was suppose to remove black heads which it didn't do. Essentially I went through so much pain for no reason. 
Looking like a hot mess 
P.S I cried while peeling this mask off

If you try be careful, comment below if you've ever tried a DIY mask. 

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