My Favorite looks from Queen Bey: HAPPY BDAY

3:03 pm

Whether you've known me for a day or for a few years you'll know that Beyonce is 'hands down', one of my favorite artiste. From being the lead singer in the girl group Destiny's Child to becoming one of the most successful female solo artiste, Beyonce has made her mark and we will all remember "that she was here, she lived, she love, shes did" and continuous to do.   

Know lets get to the point of this post. From Crazy in Love to Lemonade here are 10 of my favorite looks from the Queen Bey

Crazy in Love is and will always be one of my favorite songs, needless to say I can do the entire dance routine. This pieced together Versace outfit was the inspiration for many of my 'mirror performances'

Can anyone else pull of this outfit? I think not 

Beyonce's makeup no makeup look is an inspiration to us all... right???

Has red lipstick looked better on anyone... This is the perfect example of how to do a bold lip 

Not the usual Bey, however I love the 1950's retro vibe being so effortlessly displayed

Sasha Fierce... differently brought out Natasha Fierce in full swing. 

If looks could kill... 

I have one question for Beyonce. Can you teach me how to do this?

Bey-ause am feeling this look 

So unbothered, innocent and ready for action, all at the same time.

HAPPY BDAY to the Queen BEY!!! 


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