Happy New Year

3:15 pm

This is my first post for the New Year and unlike my fellow bloggers I won't bore you by making promises we both know i'm not got to keep.

  • Promise to post more often 
  • Promise to buy more expensive products
  • Promise to post on the days I said I would 

The truth is life gets in the way, and shit happens, 2016 has been challenging and fulfilling for us in different ways, we found joy and laughter in the strangest things. When life got hard the memes, family and friends were there to help. And if that wasn't enough a good cry or two did the trick. 2017 may just be the year of fulfillment or failure. Either way we should be thankful for the lessons of 2016.
Reflections from the Blog
This year I;
  • Posted more product reviews than I previously did 
  • Was featured in one of the local newspapers
  • Got more products for review purposes
  • Tested more highend products than I reviewed =)
  • Made a little money from being a personal shopper 
  • Did a successful giveaway 
However I was some what disappointed with the consistent number of views on each post and lack of commentary and discussion on the post. I welcome all comments weather you agree or disagree with my own perspective. It really does matter!!!

With that said for 2017 I challenge you to make a promise to me and any other blog you come across, say something (whatever comes to mind on the topic at hand). Believe me you, we want to hear your voice, your interest and most of all what keeps you coming back. 

Happy New Year Guys!!! 

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