My Monthly (March) Favorites

6:05 pm

I've never done a monthly favorites because I used the same five products every month. But this month I've added a few new items to my routine.

The first thing on the list was the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, to be honest, I had little faith in this product because I've used so many lotions from Jergens and most if not all of them leave ashy by 10 o'clock (which isn't kool btw... lol). However I was pleasantly surprised, the Wet Skin Moisturizer had my skin feeling moisturized even when I did not use it. If you've never tried this before its definitely worth a try. 

I've reviewed the Sacha Cosmetics Second Skin Foundation before and this is the ONLY foundation I've purchased twice (that says a lot about this product coming from me) with the right technique this full coverage foundation will be your best friend throughout the day even if you have oily skin. This is definitely a keeper, this foundation gets extra points because a little goes a long way. 

I received this in the Play by Sephora  Beauty Box a few months ago I really love when Sephora gives eyeliners because I always run out and the ones at the drug store never seem black enough. This Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen is a good black and has an easy to use tip which will come in handy especially if you find it difficult to get the perfect cat eye. One drawback is that it bleeds sometimes. 

Like the Sacha Cosmetics foundation, the Buttercup Setting Powder has become a favorite of mine and I'm on my second container. This is the perfect setting powder for oily skin. 

I've seen this brand a few times and never thought of trying it, I never had the need to but since I've been wearing wigs daily over the last few months I decided to give the Soft Touch Extra Hair Wax a try, this has been the best edge control (bonus points for lasting most of the day, I leave home at about 7 am and get in at about 6 pm)

The Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes is really good because it is made without harsh chemicals. My only draw back is that you may need multiple wipes for a perfectly clean face. 

Belief Undereye Mositurzing Bomb, I heard beauty guru Tati Westbrook rave about this product in one of her videos and I said to myself wait a minute I have that (this came from the Play by Sephora box). This is great for depuffing your under eyes and I believe it might be helping with the dark spots too. 

I use the Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer under my foundation most mornings and it helps a lot with what I couldn't tell you but it slows down the oil process with my skin and that's always a good thing. 

I bought these earrings from my sister, they're from an Amazon vendor, these earrings are amazing and a wear them almost every day and they have not changed color which is Great!

To be honest this is just a regular lip blam that cuts the chaps from your lips however the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy lip blam packaging holds on to the temperature (in this instance the cold ) so this is extra soothing when I use it in the mornings. 

If you've made it this far, give yourself a hand because you're the real MVP and you'll be rewarded. 

The last product on this list is from an indie brand Maple Holistics and they sent me their Tea Tree Shampoo (I really wished they sent me the conditioner as well) a few months ago but I really couldn't put my finger on what it did until recently. I did the big chop and I've been laying my hair flat under my wigs moisturizing mainly once a week (I know, I know I shouldn't do that but sometimes I forget to re moisture during the week) this shampoo works wonders on the scalp and helps, in my opinion, prevent dry scalp issues. This shampoo gets bonus points for being made with natural ingredients (in this instance it means that the shampoo isn't the best smelling, but the scent disappears quickly), being cruelty-free and sulfate free. 

Its time for your REWARD head over to Maple Holistics (click here) for a free sample of any one of their products

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