Interview with makeup artiste Lally Cordeiro Rosa - Makeup, Tea and Light Refreshments

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Makeup, Tea & Light Refreshments

The interview's continue with Brazilian makeup artist Lally Cordeiro Rosa who remains focused on her dream despite her challenges. 

 Let’s get started…

1.      What was your first makeup inspiration?
Answer         Probably my aunt, she is super fashion and always wear makeup

2.      How important is makeup to you?
Answer        I’ve always seen makeup as a form of expression more than something to fix some flaws. Trough makeup I can show my mood and personality

3.      If you had to replace your love of makeup with one thing, what would it be?
Answer          That would be sports! I love to work out

4.      What was the first beauty product you bought with your own money?
 Answer          My first makeup brush set…You have no idea how expensive makeup is here in Brazil! So when my mother traveled to the USA I gave her money and she bought for me!

5.      Spill the TEA
Who’s your favorite makeup artiste and why?
Answer       I have no idea! What a tough question! But I guess @wallacemakeup is my favorite Brazilian makeup artist…because he adapted the Brazilian trends to something more classy and beautiful

6.      What’s the biggest makeup trend in your city?
Answer            Highlighter everywhere! And full coverage foundation (lots of foundation)

7.      Favorite makeup brand?
Answer              That would be urban decay <3 My favorite Brazilian makeup is “tracta” you can check it on IG’s like @brutavaresppf @pausaparafeminices                            
photo from @brutavaesppf instagram

8.      Reading it Fun-da-mentalWhich makeup trend is your least favorite? And what would you change about it to make it wearable (from your perspective)?
Answer     I can’t see why everyone should wear that much of foundation! Brazil is extremely hot!! It melts as soon you leave the house…I would focus on concealer on the target areas and the rest only medium coverage

9.      The bottom line is green… Is makeup a full-time career, if not, will you ever transition fully into makeup? 
Answer             It’s full time but I have to be honest…it’s difficult to make a living out of it when you start…I have help from my family

10.  And finally. What drives you to continue, even when things get tough?
Answer         In my dreams, I always see me as someone that will have money to repay my family, to bring them with me on travels around the world…I want to be recognized, and look back and see that my hard work paid off!  If I give up now, it would be all for nothing

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