Raw Indian Hair Review (Weavvy Hair by Samantha Lebron)

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Before I start, let me just say this has been my experience with Weavvy Hair and Customer Service played a huge part in how I feel about recommending this product like always I will give you the information and then you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Since purchasing Raw Indian Hair from Weavvy Hair the owner has added her name to the brand (Weavvy Hair by Samantha Lebron) updated the website, graphics, purchasing policies and have sought to rebrand and expand their business, which means that the issue I've faced might not happen if you purchase at this time.
Weavvy Hair rebranded

So let's start from the beginning, if this is boring you can always skip to the hair specs (specifications) and customer service below.

The Long Story 

I've always purchased "virgin hair" (the word virgin hair is in quotations because nobody really knows where that shit really is) from AliExpress which is not the best quality, in fact sometimes you might get a bad batch my first purchase was from Luvin Hair Company which was the best hair I’ve received from AliExpress. Since then I've made several purchases and it’s been downhill. I wanted something that would last longer than what was available from AliExpress and I saw this company a few months earlier from Samantha’s YouTube while I was researching raw hair companies.

To my surprise, I found something that I thought was gold. After carefully reading everything on the website on texture, care, return policy, shipping etc. I made my purchase.

Shipping on the website I was informed that the hair would take approximately two to four weeks before It was shipped I purchased the hair in November which meant I would have enough time to get new hair for my birthday which is at the end of December... Boy was I wrong after the four-week mark and the hair did not ship I started to get a little worried but I was like ok maybe it's coming I just did not get the tracking, five weeks past and still no shipping details and not one word from Weavvy.

Since the owner Samantha is very active on social media I decided to DM her after a day or two I received no response, so I sent an email about a week later still no response I realized she was on insta-live and I sent her a message there (it is important to note that I wasn't the only person with this issue, quite a few people on her insta-live questioned her about shipping etc.).

It took approximately six weeks before I received the shipping details which meant no new hair for my birthday.

That did bother me but it was not my biggest issue, my big grip was customer service or the lack thereof, that was upsetting (if shits not working out I need someone to respond). At no point did it occur to Weavvy Hair that they should have sent an email telling their customers that they were running behind schedule, which is a come situation (this is my theory, the hair is ordered from Indian when the purchase is made in the US which is why it takes so long to ship). Sending an email is so simple, again the hair was purchased last year and with Weavvy Hair’s rebranding, this issues may not occur.

The Hair Final came

I ordered two bundles (14" and 16") as the website suggested two bundles and a closure for certain lengths would be enough for a full head. And it was (I was worried that it wasn't enough at the beginning) the hair came in this gold package (the packaging has since been updated). The hair came braided, which made it look straight it had a weird scent which I also messaged the company about and they simply said the hair was conditioned. I had to wash and condition the hair twice before the scent was gone. (It had this perfume shit scent that's the best way I could describe it)

Original Packaging 

Installation Process 

This was the fastest wig I've every constructed because the single wefted hair was perfect for wig construction the wefts folded over easily and they were not bulky (this was intentional because Samantha is a wig maker). I have about half an inch spacing between wefts and my hair looks and feels like I have four bundles installed. That's great.

Durability  (Wear Test)

After washing and conditioning the hair I normally use one or two products after. The hair is washed every week and I've been wearing it on and off since the middle of January it's holding up nicely, however, it does tangle at the back (I wear my hair down most days and this could be the result of that) and also a few strains fall out when detangling the hair or just randomly.

Final thoughts 

Besides my issues with customer service (which you may not experience since the rebranding of the company) and the smell I've enjoyed wearing Weavvy Hair, I’ve received numerous compliments and have recommended the hair and advised that the wait is longgggg...

Because customer service was so bad I'm going to make my final scores separate.

Customer Service 1/5
Weavvy Raw Indian Hair 4/5

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